My new book is free on Saturday 1/31/15

My new book is free on Saturday 1/31/15

I wanted you to be the first to know, I have just released a new book, Lies My Doctor Told Me: Osteoporosis: Why Taking Calcium Isn’t Enough – and Taking Medication Is Too Much – But Taking Vitamins D3, A, and K2 is Just Right. This is the first in a series of books on different health challenges.

I’m giving the Kindle version away on Saturday 1/31/15, so please go and download it as my gift to you!

This is very important information not only for your bone health, but also for your heart health. If you’ve been taking calcium for your bones like most women, you may be calcifying your arteries or giving yourself bone spurs or other calcification of your soft tissues, instead of strengthening your bones. My book tells you how to prevent that and to clear whatever damage you might already have done.

It just breaks my heart to see people trying so hard to be healthy, but doing things that their doctors told them to do, that ultimately do them harm. Please accept my gift and pass it on.



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