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Got Losses?

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

Lots of us do. Some of them are the kind we want, like losing pounds and inches. Some are the kind that we did not choose, but all must be accepted. Our losses don’t have to make us losers.

Many of you know that I lost my Daddy 11 days before Christmas. Few losses in life are greater than the loss of our parents, the ones that helped to give us that life. Tears are flowing now as I write this. Nothing defines us more than what causes our tears and our fears.

Even at age 55, it is amazing to me how I can feel less grown and so much more alone as I realize what the loss of someone who has been part of my life from the very beginning really means to me. One of the ‘constants’ in my life is gone, at least from this part of life. Because I do believe that we go on.

I have regrets, of course. Things that Daddy wanted us to do together, like go through his late mother’s things, that I never seemed to make time for. That opportunity is gone now. I’m realizing again how very precious time really is.

I’ve had other losses in my life in the past year, unbalanced family relationships that meant a lot to me, that in the end I realized meant far too much to me. Because of unhealthy patterns of over-responsibility and obligation, I had to let them go, in order to find a balanced and happy life for myself, a new one that I could fully enjoy, in which my own happiness matters as much as that of those whose happiness that I’d put before my own.

Last summer, I had another life-changing experience, when my position at what was at the time, the number one computer company in the world, was eliminated after 11 years. I’m fond of reminding people of the truism that every problem has a gift for you in its hands, if you will look deeper. And nothing was truer in this case. Being free of full-time employment allowed me to spend many days with my Daddy while he was still lucid just before his death, time with him I might have missed otherwise.

So now, how I choose to spend my time left to me here on earth is much more important than the financial circumstances in which I might find myself. I want to spend that time fulfilling my life purpose, which is to write the truth about health as I know it, in order to provide the information that will enable everyone who reads it to understand better how to live healthier lives, if they choose to do so.

As I write this today, I know that many of us in the HCG Diet community have also felt loss in the past week, as reliable, inexpensive sources of one of the necessities for the diet have become less plentiful and accessible to us. Let’s remember that people are resourceful, resilient, and creative when it comes to obtaining necessities. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. So we can’t allow fear to rule us.

After all, constant worrying about the future is just like praying for something you don’t want. None of us would consciously choose to ask Spirit to create a future that we don’t really want, but when we focus on imagining all of the undesirable things that could happen next, it really amounts to the same thing. What we focus on expands, so together let’s hold a shared vision for the future in which anyone who wants to do the HCG Diet is easily able to do so.

Remember, you (and everyone else) DESERVE to be thin (and healthy)!

Love with Blessings,

Author of HCG Diet Made Simple book and The HCG Diet Book of Secrets and now the new editor and contributing author for the blog and moderator of forums, along with moderator of the HCG Dieters and HCG Diet Yahoo groups, which collectively number over  97,675 members.

P.S. Could I ask for a favor? Would you all be willing to join me in holding a vision for me to remain a full-time writer who researches and shares the truth about health, for the benefit of all? Your support and encouragement would mean the world to me.