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Are popular fiction writers like Janet Evanovich contributing to the obesity epidemic?

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

I remember when I first made the connection.

I was sitting out on my back porch, drinking my Yerba Mate tea, taking a break from work and reading a Stephanie Plum novel by Janet Evanovich. At the time, I was doing a round of the HCG Diet, and had lost 9.4 pounds in the last 7 days, so I was feeling very proud and happy and satisfied. I read the first 30 pages of Eleven on Top, really enjoying it and laughing out loud a lot. It had been a long time since I’d read Evanovich. Suddenly, I realized that I was having massive cravings for sugar and starch, something that hadn’t happened the entire time that I’d been on the HCG Diet. What the heck?

I knew that I wasn’t truly hungry. So I went straight to my stash of L-Glutamine, breaking open a 500 mg capsule under my tongue to dissolve, knowing that it would change my brain neurotransmitters so that I would feel happy and satisfied again. Ahhhh, blessed relief! But what on earth had caused that strange and powerful sensation, which I’d never ever had on the HCG Diet before?

I knew that I didn’t have an overgrowth of Candida, which can cause cravings, because I’d done a Candida cleanse before starting the round of HCG. HCG Diet allowed foods wouldn’t have triggered more Candida, or even an insulin spike, if you’re eating all the foods at each meal together. I mean, I don’t eat my grissini or fruit by itself, so that the protein and fiber in the meat and veggies will cause slower digestion of the bit of starch or natural fruit sugars. So, again, what the heck?

Then it hit me. The book! I quickly scanned just those first 30 pages, and sure enough, here’s what I found:
– 15 references to doughnuts, including Boston cream doughnuts
– 13 references to hot dogs, including eating 9 at once
– 10 references to birthday cake, including a binge on 5 pieces in a row
– 8 references to pizza, and additional references to fries, Tastykakes, beer, and Cheez Doodles

All in only 30 pages. Even her boyfriend Joe calls her Cupcake as a pet name! The cake and the pizza were described in mouth-watering detail, causing my brain to go off-kilter, just as though I’d watched nothing but nonstop pizza and cake commercials on TV for 30 minutes.

Mystery solved.

And Stephanie almost never suffers any consequences for eating all that junk, either. (Well, unless you consider her repeatedly getting shot at and her frequently exploding cars to be some sort of cosmic retribution.) In fact, just once over the course of the first ten books, she gains some weight, notices that her jeans don’t fit, and everyone comments that she’s fat. She has to eat some fresh raw food and jog for a day or two – then “Poof!” – it just magically vanishes, and the now-thin-again Miss Plum goes right back to her steady junk food diet. I don’t know about you, but that’s just not how it works for most folks.

The first Stephanie Plum movie, One for the Money, will be in theaters 1/27/12, and here’s the trailer:

Now, don’t get me wrong, I won’t stop reading Evanovich and I can’t wait for the first Stephanie Plum movie, but I’m keeping my L-Glutamine at the ready, just in case. I KNOW that it’s all just supposed to be funny that Stephanie Plum lives on doughnuts, cake, and pizza, but you know what? Obesity and poor health are no joke in MY book.

And don’t forget, you DESERVE to be thin!

Love with Blessings,
Author of HCG Diet Made Simple book
and The HCG Diet Book of Secrets book